Understanding Signs, Symbols, Numbers, & Dreams Workshop


Understanding Signs, Symbols, Numbers, & Dreams Workshop

(2 full days over 2 weeks plus tasks in between)

Do you see signs and numbers everywhere?
What does seeing the same numbers all the time mean?
What is the meaning of colour?
How do I interpret the symbols I see?
What does synchronicity really mean?
How can I interpret the messages in my dreams?
How does this relate to my intuitive ability and spiritual growth?

For hundreds of years, signs and symbols have been the foundation of communication and language. What if you could understand them at a deeper level and interpret the meaning behind them?

How does this all relate to your intuition and spiritual growth?

This is such a common question and not many of us spend time delving into the mystery around what they mean to really understand their spiritual and metaphysical significance. Signs are all around us so imagine being able to interpret them and deepening your intuitive knowing. In order to access this information, you will be working in a focused environment where you will open up and operate within the realms of the higher self and ‘clair-knowing’.

Learn more about the way our mind affects the way we use our intuition and harness that ability further by:

*discover the unique processing system of your brain
*working with psychic exercises using colour
*explore and understand signs symbols and their purpose
*discover the importance of numbers and numerology
*developing and expanding your current mindset and perspective to allow you to ‘see’ more
*learn more about the spiritual significance of synchronicity
*learn how to be more in tune with it all.

Neuroscientist Dr. Joseph Dispenza states that the brain processes 400 billion bits of information a second. BUT, we are ONLY aware of 2,000 of those”. Our capacity to process information and the way our brain processes also impacts the way we use our intuition.

You will take away with you:

information on the processing system of your brain through NLP exercises your personal information relating to how your brain processes and interprets information your personal “dictionary” of interpreting common signs and symbols develop this understanding through practical psychic exercises during the weekend.

The training will cover:

*Common signs & symbols and their meanings
*Numbers & their significance and meaning
*Colour and their meanings
*Dream interpretation and meaning
*Practical psychic exercises to enhance understanding
*Using oracle cards
*Understanding your blocks to further psychic & spiritual growth
*Next step for you based on where you are at at the end of the training.

This is a 2-day workshop spread over 2 weeks to allow you to put into practice what you have learnt in the first workshop. You will be given tasks to complete prior to the second workshop tailored to where you at in your growth.

When: Sunday 26 August & Sunday 2 September

Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm (9am arrival & registration)

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After completing the workshops, you will have your personal guide of meanings.

This is aimed at any level and is great for those wanting to explore their spiritual growth and those who are working with people.

Places are limited to ensure we can provide individual attention to everyone. This course is a an immersion training that will give you a deeper experience of the metaphysical, spiritual and psychic arts.

Sunita comes from a generational line of mediums and healers. She is a an experienced trainer and Mindset Coach and understands the importance of balancing the logical and emotional mind. Her expertise is in helping you to understand how YOUR mind and intuition works and which areas you require help in.

For further information, contact: Sunita – 0457 782704

See you there!

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