Psychic & Spiritual Development Course

Welcome to your intuitive journey !


Dates: Mon 4th September until Mon 23rd October
Times: Each Monday evening from 7pm until 9pm
Venue: Vivacious Living Centre – Ardross

This 8 week journey is about focusing on your growth and opening up as an intuitive. No doubt you are curious about intuition and the metaphysical world and looking for:

- personal and spiritual growth
- an understanding of your growth, path and journey at a deeper level
- how to develop a deeper understanding of your intuition, how it works, how to understand it and strengthen it
- how to remove blockages and mindset issues that are holding you back
- understanding how developing intuition will help you grow in your life, business and relationships
- working in a practical, guided environment with like minded people
- opening up yourself into this world as a beginner
- further developing your psychic/intuitive ability, mediumship or healing

What you will get:

- answers to all of the above!
- take home practical tips and strategies
- understanding through practical exercises how to use tools such as oracle cards, archetypal processes, psychometry and more
- an understanding of our chakra and energy systems
- learning how to attune and ground yourself

Bring with you:

- water bottle
- journal/pen
- coloured pencils

What you should do to prepare:
Please eat lightly before the evening but bring a snack for when you leave.
Refrain from alcohol 24 hours before.
Have an open mind!

Further information:

Feel free to contact me for information I am more than happy to help.
This is for anyone at any level.

Sunita :)

Contact Details

Sunita Phone: 0457 782 704