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Heather Glavocich is a spiritual seeker and enlightened teacher.

She is a vibrational healer therapist with a long list of accredited healing techniques to her name. She has a reputation for being one of the best in her field and brings her clients to deep levels of inner and outer healing, helping them learn to take responsibility for their lives and their own inner and outer physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

She is a registered teacher with a post graduate qualification in Educational Leadership and a certified Trainer and Assessor. She was a well-loved primary school teacher with a passion for helping young children with learning difficulties and helping children believe in themselves and become the best learners they could be. She has been a school Principal and a teacher mentor and taught in Western Australian schools for over 25 years. Heather was also a well-loved and respected Trainer and Assessor for O’Neill Kinesiology College in Western Australia.

Heather is a mother of five amazing young women, who she raised mostly by herself. She and her daughters endured years of domestic violence, but instead of becoming victims they learned to heal and forgive and built a newer, bigger, better life for themselves.

Heather is now bringing her own brand of healing to women who come from all walks of life but share a common bond. The women who have been provoked and intimidated by men. The women who find it difficult to be open to love. The women who have been shamed. The women who feel fear. The women who are pissed off at the world. The women who are sad. The women who are isolated and lonely. The women who want to release their shit and let go of their stuff but can’t.

Heather’s powerful combination of workshops, sisterhood and private consultations help women to find and recreate their power. Heather will take you from the breakdown to the breakthrough and beyond. She will take you from the shell of who you are now, to knowing yourself for who you can Truly Be. For most of you it will take hard work, grit and perseverance. And at Embody Me World, you will surround yourself with people who support your journey. You can apply the principals of Embody Me World to your life and it will flow over into everywhere else.


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